Secondary / Key Stage 3-4 – Year 7 to Year 11 – English

The final years in school and the lead up to the core GCSE English Language and Literature. This is taught by a qualified English teacher with over 30 years of experience being compatible for both the AQA or Edexcel syllabus. Your child will be assessed on their first lesson and a current grade provided. Differentiated work will then be provided to enable your child to attain a high grade in English. Regular assessments will be given throughout the year and reported to parents to shown progress. Past papers will be used to give a true indication of students grades.

4 weeks at 2 hours a week

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GCSE English

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of GCSE English Language and Literature; subjects that are compulsory for all students to endorse as the grades obtained through these two subjects are highly regarded and required by sixth forms and colleges.

Hence tuition in this field will aid students to excel well in them for the sake of getting recognised by their next desired educational establishments. Students will be guided through our curriculum-specific course that dwells on the fundamental details of the exam technique required for both English subjects, and how they differ between questions and papers.

Course Summary

Within this course, we offer qualified teachers who will dwell into the most precise details of the curriculum in a clear and concise manner. At the Education Centre, our teachers are committed that each student obtains the grade they require to move on to the next phase of their life, primarily through our immense quantity of efficient resources tailored to the correct students.


Component 1: Fiction and Imaginative Writing

  • Reading
  • Writing

Component 2: Non-fiction and Transaction Writing

  • Reading
  • Writing

Spoken Language Endorsement:

  • Spoken language