Secondary / Key Stage 3-4 – Year 7 to Year 11 – Mathematics

In the final years in school one of the most important subjects is Mathematics. This will be taught by qualified teachers with a combined experience of over 35 years in senior positions in local schools. It is taught to meet both the AQA and Edexcel syllabus. The GCSE Mathematics Exam consists of 3 exam papers made up of 1.5 hours with 1 Non-Calculator and 2 Calculator papers. Your child will be assessed on their first lesson and a current grade provided. Differentiated work will then be provided to enable your child to attain a high grade in with a guarantee of progress taking place. Regular assessments will be given throughout the year and reported to parents to shown progress. Past papers will be used to give a true indication of students grades on a regular basis.

4 weeks at 2 hours a week

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Course Overview

GCSE mathematics is a compulsory GCSE subject for every student to complete. Maths has two tiers, Foundation and Higher. Foundation is grades 1-5 and Higher is grades 4-9. It consists of 3 papers in total, one non – calculator paper and 2 calculator papers. The GCSE years are years 10 and 11 and some schools begin the GCSE course in year 9. These years are when schools begin teaching the GCSE course in preparation for their exams. Maths is one of the most important subjects for all students in order for them to be accepted for their 6th form or college of choice as the vast majority of 6th forms and colleges require a certain maths grade in order for you to join or be able to complete the subject or course you want.

Course Summary

We as a centre teach students all the curriculum for GCSE maths to give them the opportunity to obtain the best grade they can. We offer support in improving grades by motivating and going through the course stage by stage to ensure they have a full understanding of the topics. We also provide plenty of resources to help support the children and give them the best opportunity. We offer aid to the students to excel in their strengths and improve their weaknesses. We have experienced teachers in their respective areas that will assist your children and give advice for what work they should do to achieve the grades they want.


  • 1 – Number
  • 1.1 – Structure and Calculation
  • 1.2 – Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • 1.3 – Measures and accuracy
  • 2 – Algebra
  • 2.1 – Notation, vocabulary and manipulation
  • 2.2 – Graphs
  • 2.3 – Solving equations and inequalities
  • 2.4 – Sequences
  • 3 – Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • 4 – Geometry and measures
  • 4.1 – Properties and constructions
  • 4.2 – Mensuration and calculation
  • 4.3 – Vectors
  • 5 – Probability
  • 3.6 – Statistics