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Childcare Vouchers Accepted

An Education Centre with a Proven Track Record of Results


We enrol students from Primary school to Year 13. We aim to educate the child while fostering intellectual, creative and social development.


The Education Centre Limited is an Ofsted Authorised childcare provider and homework club. When not providing childcare, it is a co-educational facility committed to providing a focused education of superior standards.

We enrol students from Primary school to Year 13. Our objective is to educate the child while fostering intellectual, creative, social and physical development.

We have a friendly, warm environment, working with small classes and teaching students KS1/2, 11+, 12+, GCSE or A-Level. We ensure all students work to their full potential, and we have a proven track record of students making good progress. We believe in the inherent strengths of a diverse background. We celebrate the cultural differences, individual interests and personal talents of our student body.

Join our classes

We have many classes that your child can join. The curriculum is built upon the national curriculum and will be bespoke for your child.

GCSE Maths Tuition

Taught by experienced, qualified teachers

£15 per hour - 2 hr sessions

GCSE English Tuition

Taught by experienced, qualified teachers

£20 for 1hr and 15 minutes

11+ Tuition

Taught by experienced 11+ teacher

£12.50 per hour - 2 hr sessions


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Brilliant tuition. My daughter has just passed her grammar school test, having attended here. She loves it and she's improved so much in ability and confidence. Friendly, kind staff and a lovely group of children.

- Philippa Evans

Fantastic support, welcoming environment and good value for money.

- Lydia Flanders

I came for english tutoring and not only have i improved immensely but made great friends along the way

- Courtney

Very good customer service

- Katrina (Local Guide)

Excellent! Highly recommend

- Yasmeen Akhtar

Amazing teachers..my daughter has benefited immensely.

- Jamil Hussain

Amazing teachers, and excellent teaching skills.
highly recommended!

- Nagina Shafaqat

My children are from a broken-up family. My son came to me 2 years ago and had very little formal tutoring. He was a grade 1 in Maths. In 8 months, Hasib increased his grade to a 4. Highly recommended.

- Tahir Mohammad

This amazing tuition centre has helped my grade immensely and i have gone from a grade 2-6 within a few months of hard work and consistency and lastly the help of the amazing teachers!

- Hassan Tariq

Ever since i have came here my grades have been soaring and it is a fun and positive area to work with intelligent teachers to guide you.

- Hussain

I would highly recommend this education centre. I received excellent support and in depth help in a areas.

- Alina Akhtar

Fantastic teaching to a top standard. They have really helped my child and she is now reaching the top marks in her year. Thank you so much for the support you have given. I would highly recommend them.

- Adeel Hussain

Started a year ago, ever since it has helped me immensely , would highly recommend!

- Zain Azam

I started the education centre after my GCSE mocks in which i got a U in English Literature and a 6 in Mathematics, and I achieved an 8 in both in my actual GCSES and i am currently studying A-level at John Hampden Grammar School. Great teaching, friendly staff, highly recommended.

- Abdul Yasar

I joined the education centre approximately 2 years ago and I’m so pleased with the help that was given to me. I really enjoy it there and will continue attending. I would highly recommend it anyone, as there is assistance available for all abilities.

- Aisha Mahmood

Amazing experience . Met a lot of great people #comehere #greattutoring
U learn a lot.

- Manaal Moin

Honestly great teaching. So enthusiastic and encouraging! They've helped me so much to bring up my grades! Thank you for everything!

- Safa Hussain

I’ve been helped with my English and Maths for 3 months now and my grades have drastically improved due to the amazing quality of teaching and sevice provided.

- Ayesha Mahmood

AMAZINGG teaching
Definitely the best tutor place in Wycombe because they make sure that you understand everything.

- Alisha Rizwan

Great teachers who are there to support you. I can not thank them enough for their help. 100% recommend!

- Mominah Mehdi

I couldn't understand circle theorems, now I do!

- Kixko

Good and improvment in maths!

- Haris Mahmood