SATs Tuition

Tuition Description

SATs Tuition - Primary School - Year 2 - 6

As qualified teachers, we will help your child achieve their potential and guarantee progress. We will work with your child on test techniques and skills. We will provide mock tests and feedback to parents on the progress of your child regularly. The content of the tests is summarised below.

SATs tests are carried out in schools for Key stage 1, year two and year 2 for year six students.

Key stage 1 SATs

Mathematics Test– Students are tested on arithmetic and mathematical reasoning.

English Reading Test – Students are tested on short text questions and long text with separate questions.
There is an optional English grammar, punctuation and spelling test (Spag) – Students are tested on spelling, punctuation and grammar, including vocabulary.

These results will be reported to parents by the end of the summer term.

Key stage 2 SATs

English Grammar, punctuation and spelling test – students are tested on punctuation and grammar (including vocabulary) and spelling.
English reading test – Students are tested on English reading
Mathematics Test 1 – Students will are tested on arithmetics and mathematical reasoning
Mathematics test 2 – students will are tested on mathematics reasoning only

Mathematics test 3 - students will are tested on mathematics reasoning only

We will provide assessments and a scaled score. The target score to be ready for secondary is 100 or above.

• £10 per hour

• Duration: 2 hr

• £20 per session